Chasing and Repoussé Horse Necklace

Fine Silver / Sterling Silver / 18 karat Gold / 24k Gold / Rainbow Moonstone / Rainbow Moonstone, 14k Gold, Sterling Silver Beads

4 inches tall / 1 inch wide / .25 inches deep

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About Ice

This pendant is a chunky statement piece! The horse and moonstone together measure in at 4 inches. Lots of flashes of color in this drop shaped Rainbow Moonstone! With hefty, flashy moonstone and 14k gold beads, the necklace is a stunner. Dark patina has been added to the fine silver to contrast with the glowing white of the stones. Lots of 24k gold Keumboo on this horse!

I love creating horses that are reaching out to touch something. Horses are so curious yet they are always cautious with anything unfamiliar. Staying as far away as they can in case they need to make a fast departure, horses will often stretch their necks out as far as they can to investigate something new.

She looked out into the new world. What had been browns and greens before was now white, silver and reflected gold.

She snorted, pulling her head back from the smokey cloud that rose from her nostrils and faded into the new morning. She hesitated. Leave the warmth of straw and shelter? Or explore the smooth sparkle of new surface?

One cautious hoof forward and she was outside, leaving the first tracks in a new winter.

The snow is sparkling like a million little suns.


Horse Pendant – Ice


Fine Silver, Sterling Silver


24k Gold Keumboo, 18k Gold


Rainbow Moonstone


Rainbow Moonstone, 14k Gold, Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver chain and hook