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The True Equine

The horses of The True Equine Jewelry Collection are born from my life with horses combined with my passion for the ancient art of Chasing and Repoussé.

The pieces are inspired by my 28+ year career as a professional horse trainer.  As I neared the end of that career, I learned a new skill – metalsmithing. It was fun to immerse myself in something completely new, plus it was not horse related!  At first…

Chasing and Repoussé opened a new avenue of silversmithing that really intrigued me.  This highly specialized and sculptural technique is created in reverse and yet somehow it made sense in my dyslexic and not-so-artistic brain.

Each of my pieces has a story. I hope you enjoy reading them!  If you have ever spent time with a horse, you may recognize many of these little personalities.

Black and white horse at show for The True Equine.
Two horses shaped like a heart for the for The True Equine.

Horse Sculptures as Jewelry

The small horse sculptures that ultimately become pieces of equestrian jewelry all begin as a doodle. Usually sketched on an Ipad but sometimes on a scrap of paper when an idea hits out of the blue.

Some of the equine figures have been percolating in my mind for years. Some personalities come spontaneously. One of my favorite designs appeared in a dream!

I especially love the curves and beautiful shapes of horse heads, necks and shoulders. Long, wild manes. Bright, curious expressions. I really enjoy creating as much movement and joyfulness in my horse jewelry as possible.


These sculptural horses are created through the ancient art of Chasing and Repoussé.

The depth and texture of the pieces reflect the French terms repoussé and chasser through technique and style.

Repoussé means “pushed up”. This process creates the depth of the horse jewelry from the back. Chasser means to “drive out”. Chasing creates the detail of the pieces from the front.

Many tiny tools, special chasing hammers and pitch bowls are used to shape metal which has been softened repeatedly by torch heat. Turning, working, and reheating shapes the metal further.

Fine Silver, Argentium Silver, Sterling Silver, and Gold are used to create the horses. 

Chasing and repousse tools next to a silver horse jewelry piece on a black mat background for The True Equine.
A piece of jewelry in process with pitch being burned off using a torch. For The True Equine.

Horse Jewelry

My horse jewelry is sculptural art which is meant to be worn.  You don’t have to be a horse lover to enjoy the horse necklaces!  If you enjoy flowing artistic shapes that will get you noticed, you will love our unique equestrian jewelry.

Each horse pendant or horse bracelet is itself a piece of statement jewelry…the horses are bold, unique and totally out of the ordinary.

Whether it is the size, the shapes or the stones used in the pieces, one of the first things people will notice is your gorgeous jewelry when you wear a True Equine piece.

All of my jewelry is completely hand made in Texas!


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