Chasing and Repoussé Horse Cuff Bracelet

Sterling Silver

2 inches wide / Fits small to medium wrist

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About Landscape

This equestrian cuff bracelet shows 4 happy horses mingling over a pasture fence. Horses, being herd animals, are very sociable. They are most joyous when they can socialize with other horses.

The cuff is created from one piece of silver using the technique of Chasing and Repoussé to create the volume and depth. The back of the cuff is nearly as beautiful as the front is!

She sat on the fence rail, watching them in the distance as they grazed. Indistinct figures, little more than shadows against the morning haze…blurry horses swinging tails, twitching ears.

But she knew each one, could distinguish them by way of posture…the young one that moved with ease, the old one that moved with difficulty…the one that kept apart from the others, the one that stayed in herd middle.

She held her hand up to her forehead, sweeping the hair from her head, then called to them. Heads came up, grass forgotten, heads swiveling, seeking her out.

They moved together, gaining speed as they came across the wet grass, moving with purpose and joined her along the fence, pushing muzzles into her in greeting. The morning was complete.

Horses make the landscape beautiful.


Horse Cuff Bracelet – Landscape


Sterling Silver