Unique Horse Earrings

Sterling Silver / 18 karat Gold / Herkimer Diamonds

1.5 inch tall / .75 inch wide

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About Turnout

These unique equestrian earrings were created to compliment the Turnout pendant. The frame and stones mimic that of the double horse necklace. They look equally amazing on their own or with the coordinating pendant!

These naturally shaped stones are called Herkimer Diamonds. They are not actual diamonds but they have the sparkle and charm of them!

Story from the Turnout Horse Pendant

The gate shuts. He turns to his friend and the two move away into the dew-wet grass.

They feel the chill and celebrate by nipping at each other, cantering away, coming back in the play-fight of the young. The birds scold from above, sending the two of them into mock flight. They snort at the ground, examine the shadows, and flag their tails at the wonders and mysteries of freedom.

At last, they relax into the warming day, and peace is restored.

Playing small does not serve the world, play large.


Horse Earrings – Turnout


Sterling Silver


18 Karat


Herkimer Diamonds

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