Chasing and Repoussé Horse Necklace

Fine Silver / Sterling Silver / 18 karat Gold / 24 karat Gold Keum-boo / Pyrite in Schist / 18 inch Sterling Silver Chain

1.625 inches tall / 1.5 inches wide / .25 inches deep

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About Debut

This equestrian pendant necklace was created using fine silver. Horses are usually braided for a horse show, most often with an odd number of braids for good luck. The dressage horse of this statement necklace has a lovely, thoughtful expression.

The stone suspended in the chain is Pyrite in Schist. Pyrite gets its name from the Greek word pyr – fire. It ignites when struck against metal or another hard surface!

The hand on his neck steadies him. Eyes are on him. He’s ready, he’s eager, but he has to wait.

His mane, coaxed into plaits, sits proudly atop his neck…he feels taller, like he is filling out his own outline. He knows what he is to do, he anticipates the leg on his side, the hand on his rein, the signals he knows and respects.

The sand lies before him and when he is told, he moves forward onto it.

Performance is honesty.


Horse Pendant – Debut


Fine Silver, Sterling Silver


18 karat Gold, 24 karat Keum-boo


Pyrite in Schist


18 inch Sterling Silver

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