Chasing and Repoussé Horse Necklace

Fine Silver / Sterling Silver / 18 karat Gold / 24 karat Gold Keum-boo / Natural Surface Lapis Lazuli / Lapis and Zircon Beads, 14 karat Gold and Sterling Silver Beads

1.75 inches tall / 1 inch wide / .25 inches deep

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About Cerulean

A horse necklace that is both bold and dainty. This little golden equine sits at attention atop the deepest blue natural surface Lapis Lazuli stone. Formed from a piece of fine silver with custom made tiny tools and specialty hammers, he has lovely volume and depth. His golden glow is achieved with 24 karat gold Keum-boo.

The pendant is matched with sparkling Lapis beads graduating into golden Zircon beads. Add some 14 karat Gold and some Sterling Silver beads and you have a quite a showstopper of a necklace!

The new spring sky makes him squint, but he stands, transfixed, at the edge of his field, watching the edge of the earth where the new green meets the bright blue.

It is unclear why this hem between earth and heaven should render him so still and watchful, but in his immobility he becomes a part of the land.

Day holds the sky with big blue arms until the sun sends her off into evening with a grateful blaze of vibrant colors.


Horse Pendant – Cerulean


Fine Silver, Sterling Silver


19 karat Gold, 24 karat Gold Keum-boo


Natural Surface Lapis Lazuli


Lapis Lazuli, Golden Zircon, 14k Gold, Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver chain and hook

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