Unique Horse Earrings

Sterling Silver / 18 karat Gold / Natural Surface Lapis

1.5 inch tall / .75 inch wide

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About Fresh

These unique equestrian earrings were created to compliment the Fresh horse pendant. However, they enhance many of the other horse pendants or look incredible worn on their own.

The horseshoe shapes have 18 karat gold accents. The vibrant, royal blue natural surface Lapis stones are stunning! Lapis lazuli has been associated with courage, strength, royalty, wisdom, intellect and truth.

Story from the Fresh Horse Pendant

He snorts at the interloper. He’s a new horse, reluctant to stray far from his mother, but curious about a stranger.

Eyes blinking, legs straight and wide, he braces for the unknown before him. He closes the space between him and the unfamiliar with one hesitant hoof step at a time and extends his neck to touch, to smell, to understand the world before him. A moment of contact, then he bounces away, back to the safety of the known and familiar.

Every day is a fresh beginning, Every morn is the world made new.


Horse Earrings – Fresh


Sterling Silver


18 Karat Gold


Natural Surface Lapis

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