Under the Stars


Chasing and Repoussé Horse Necklace

Fine Silver / Sterling Silver / 18 karat Gold / Pink Tourmaline / 20 inch Sterling Silver Chain

1.75 inches tall / 1.25 inches wide / .25 inches deep

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About Under the Stars

This unique double horse equestrian necklace is full of expression! The horses are curiously looking on, one up to the stars above. Created from a single piece of fine silver, the horses appear layered and have amazing volume. Take a look at the back to see the depth and detail! 18 karat gold accents.

The beautiful stone suspended in the chain of this statement necklace is a Pink Tourmaline surrounded in 18 karat gold. A Pink Tourmaline is the gem of peace.

Heads rise from the grazing as stars emerge. Ears swivel at the evening sounds. Eyes grow big, nostrils blow with the soft sounds of wary breath. Breezes lift manes.

As the night birds begin their songs, the horses return to their tasks, safe under the darkening skies.

In their eyes shine stars of wisdom and courage.


Horse Pendant – Under the Stars


Fine Silver, Sterling Silver


18 karat Gold


Pink Tourmaline


20 inch Sterling Silver