Chasing and Repoussé Horse Necklace

Sterling Silver / 18 karat Gold / 20 inch Sterling Silver Chain

3.3 inches tall / 1.5 inches wide / .25 inches deep

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About Destiny

This special design appeared in a dream. The two horses were formed from one piece of silver, creating the depth of each horse while keeping the remaining silver flat. When the sculpting of the horses using Chasing and Repoussé was complete, each horse was sawed out of the silver.

The frame, which has 18 karat gold accents, allows them to appear suspended one atop the other. Have a look at the back of the piece to see the detail of the hollow side!

Like the Greek lovers Eros and Psyche, some things are destined to be together.

Pensive, I walk. The sand surrenders and rebounds under my feet. The waves come in, go out, return again. They stay in the periphery, blurred, but present. Beside me, my shadow follows, then leads.

I know you, I tell my opposite. It is a reflection of me, this familiar friend, a silhouette that lengthens as the tide goes out. I know I am not alone…

In the reflection of another, I see myself.


Horse Pendant – Destiny


Sterling Silver, Argentium Silver


18 karat Gold


20 inch Sterling Silver chain