Unique Horse Earrings

Sterling Silver / 18 karat Gold / Peridot

1.25 inch tall / .75 inch wide

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About Spring

These unique horse shoe earrings have golden, springtime green Peridot stones suspended from hidden hinges which gives them extra play and movement. Little 18k gold “nails” adorn the horse shoes.

The word “peridot” may come from the Arabic word faridat which means “gem.” Although some believe the Greek word peridona, meaning “giving plenty”, is the likely source. To add a little more history, the Egyptians called Peridots the “gems of the sun.”

Haiku from Evelyn Judy Buehler

trees in the green breeze
in gold glazed heady sunshine
scent songs are searching

millions of blossoms
fluttering freshness like spring
wave goodbye to clouds

Happiness? The color of it must be spring green.


Horse Earrings – Spring


Sterling Silver


18 Karat